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Nigerian Lady Explains Why She Married Her Late Sister’s Husband, Three Months After Her Deathh (Video)




The lady in a video she shared on TikTok said she tied the knot with her late sister’s husband, although she barely knew him, to fulfill her sister’s last wish.


“A Nigerian lady, Amanda Jay has in a TikTok video revealed the reason why she married her sister’s husband.

It was gathered that her sister died during child birth three months ago.

According to her, she married her sister’s husband to fulfill her last wish.

According to her, her sister died during childbirth, and before she passed away, she asked that she marry her husband.

“I’m getting married to my late sister’s ex-husband. She passed away three months ago at child birth. This was her last wish. I am doing this for her. I barely know this man”. The lady wrote.

Following social media backlash, she claimed that she was merely acting.

Watch video below: