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Nigerian actress, Etinosa Idemudia, mourns late father



Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia is mourning the death of her father.

The actress, taking to her Instagram page, described the death of her father as the worst pain she has had to deal with.

She wrote “Dear dad, Engr S.O. I know no one lives forever but I never thought I will be writing this so soon.

“When you left my house barely 2 weeks ago you said you will be back. Look I even made a big family diner in the garden so the next time you come we will all sit there and chill. So you won’t be coming back?

“This is by far the worst pain I’ve ever had to deal with. But It’s fine. You were too good for this world anyway.

“You lived an exemplary life. Without words, you impacted not just me but everyone you came across.

“You taught me the true meaning of righteousness, doing the right thing irrespective of how many people are doing the wrong. Always doing good was your lifestyle.”

Etinosa became famous for her online comedy skits which she began producing and sharing, first on her instagram channel featuring various Nollywood actors including Daniel K Daniel.

In 2017, the actress won the award for Best Actress at the 48 Hours Film Project for her performance in the short film Scheme

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