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National Korean American Day 2022, When Is National Korean American Day 2022? History, Significance, Facts, Quotes And Images




National Korean American Day 2022

The national day is often a public holiday. Most of the countries have more than one national day. The United States and Korea signed a treaty establishing a peaceful relationship, friendship, and commerce, in 18827. While this led to Korean diplomats, students, politicians, and people in business visiting the United States, few felt compelled to stay. Until December of 1902, 102 Korean immigrants set sail for Honolulu, Hawaii, not on the SS Gaelic. These families initiated the first wave of Korean immigration, resulting in over 7,500 immigrants over the next 2 years. People are very eager to know when is National Korean American Day 2022. People who are eagerly waiting for it, we have given you the detailed information on the following information for you. 

When Is National Korean American Day 2022?

National Korean American Day 2022 is celebrated on January 13. This day is celebrated to honor to honor and highlight our friends of Korean descent who have made more and uncountable or immeasurable contributions as small business owners, military service members, faith leaders, doctors, artists, and elected the officials ever since the 1st immigration wave happened way back in 1903, for over a century. The day is celebrated, because of a history that happened before fixing it as a national Korean American day till now. All Koreans have served their communities and their country during World Wars I and II and the Korean War. More Koreans have decided to emigrate from their homeland; as wives to U.S. service members, others were adopted as children. Get what is the history of National Korean American Day 2022 in the following information. 

History Of National Korean American Day 

In 1903, Hundred Koreans 1st arrived in the United States. Then the number fastly grew within 2 years, 7,500 Korean immigrants also made the same journey. Korean-Americans have made a valuable contribution to society, and that has made the day Korean American day, which was celebrated to honor and celebrate their contribution. In diving, Sammy Lee was a 2 time Olympic gold medalist. U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair under Presidents Reagan and Bush, was served by Wendy Gramm. David Hyun was the architect, revitalized Little Tokyo in LA. Hines Ward Jr has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The impact of individuals, Korean culture, in general, has left a sizable footprint in the U.S.  Korean food has become incredibly popular, and going for bibimbap with a side of kimchi is now commonplace, as is listening to a few K-Pop tunes on the drive home. U.S. The Senate and House of Representatives passed the resolution to consent for what Korean American Day stands for and its aspirations, in 2005, among the more Korean Americans.

Significance Of National Korean American Day 

The Significance Of National Korean American Day 2022 has been listed below. 

Continue reading the information given below to get the National Korean American Day Timeline. 

National Korean American Day Timeline

Get to know the timeline of the National Korean American Day in the following information, which has been listed below in the table. 

Year Event
January 13, 1903 Immigration Wave
June 27, 1952 The Act is passed
1992 ​First Korean American Congressman
2005 Established

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National Korean American Day 2022 Quotes

Some of the National Korean American Day 2022 Quotes has been given below. 

“Extending warm wishes on Korean American Day to everyone. This is a special occasion as it celebrates the two different cultures put together.”

“The occasion of Korean American Day reminds us all that we all can stay in peace and harmony. Warm wishes on Korean American Day.”

“We all are one and we all are bonded with different commonalities. Wishing everyone a very Happy Korean American Day.”

“Learning about the culture of Korean people is what we all must do on the special occasion of Korean American Day.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion of Korean American Day with each other and inspire people to live together in happiness and peace. Happy Korean American Day.’:

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