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Nasty Blaq accuses operatives of NDLEA of physical assault




Nigerian Skit Maker, Abisi Emmanuel better known as Nasty Blaq, has accused operatives of NDLEA of assault.

The comedian made this revelation on Wednesday moments after NDLEA arrested skit maker, De General.

According to Nasty Blaq, the operatives of NDLEA brutally assaulted him and his PA on Tuesday while going on a visit.

He wrote; “It is with deep sadness I share my experience here on social media but I hope this gets seen by everyone.

“Yesterday, while I was on my way to a visit at (location), I was accosted by men who claimed to be from the NDLEA. I was asked to dismount from my vehicle, raise my hands and identify myself. In my bid to avoid an escalation, I complied.

“However, I was immediately slapped from behind by another individual. I protested this maltreatment and was joined by my PA. Immediately, the men from the NDLEA began to brutally assault me and my PA.

“One of the men from NDLEA cocked his rifle and shouting, told me he would not hesitate to shoot me dead. In his words, he said he had no reason to hold back even though he knew I was a public figure.

“On further inquiry, I found out the NDLEA was conducting a raid on the estate I was visiting and that this same brutal treatment was meted out to several other individuals that same night.

“This kind of lawlessness is the same situation that for years Nigerians have dealt with at the hands of men in uniform and now; after all the clamor, it seems like the new threat to the safety of Nigerians is the NDLEA. I am a victim and I will not keep silent.”

The comedian further said he is in the process of making formal complaints to the Nigerian Police over the incident.

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