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Name a US State Beginning with G List of US State Beginning with G





Name a US State Beginning with G

The United States of America is a federal republic made up of 50 states, a federal district (Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital), five large territories, and a smattering of minor islands. Between Canada and Mexico is North America, which includes the 48 contiguous states, and Washington, D.C. Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific, and Alaska is an exclave in the extreme northern section of North America, connected only to Canada. The United States territories are dispersed over the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The United States holds authority over 14 territories in addition to its 50 states and federal districts.

List of US State Beginning with G

The one and only US state beginning with G is Georgia.

Georgia Quick Facts

Georgia is a state in the United States. The state is bordered to the north by Tennessee and North Carolina, and to the northeast by South Carolina. Georgia is said to be the 24th-largest state in the area and the 8th-most populous among the 50 states. According to the United States Census Bureau, its population in 2020 was 10,711,908 people. Georgia is known for its beautiful landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife.

Because of Atlanta’s stronger rail and aviation links, the state’s wealth by the early twenty-first century was centered mostly in the service industry and concentrated in and around Atlanta. Atlanta is home to the state’s major utilities, as well as the banking, food, beverage, and information technology industries, and is one of the country’s top corporate headquarters destinations. In the southern region, the state continues to be a leader.

Georgia Culture

Atlanta is not only Georgia’s cultural capital, but also a key cosmopolitan crossroads in the South. As a result, it is home to a plethora of museums and tourist attractions. The High Museum of Art (1905) and a school of the visual arts are housed in the Woodruff Arts Center, which also houses a symphony orchestra and a professional resident theatre, both of which have presented new works. Atlanta also features a thriving group of filmmakers, as well as cooperative galleries managed by painters and sculptors. Regional ballet groups and several regional stages can be found throughout the state.

Georgia Population

Georgia is the 24th largest US state in terms of landmass, located in the southern region of the country. The overall surface area of Georgia is 59,425 square miles (153,909 square kilometers), with an average of 168.4 persons per square mile of Georgian territory. Georgia has the 18th highest population density in the United States. By population, Columbus is Georgia’s most populous city. Fulton County, with a population of over one million people, is Georgia’s most populous county.

About two-thirds of the population was of European descent (white) and approximately one-third was African American. Asian, Hispanic, and Native American people made up a substantially smaller percentage of the state’s population. Although much of the white population has strong roots in Georgia, a higher percentage of people was born outside the state when compared to neighboring Deep South states like Alabama and South Carolina.

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