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Nadir Ali Khan Cause of Death? AMU Retired Professor, Nadir Ali Khan Passed Away at 89



The entire  Pakistan community of Aligarh Muslim University is mourning the passing of the Nadir Ali Khan who sadly passed away. It is upsetting to hear that the retired-talented Professor Department of URDU, AMU has gone from this world leaving his family and colleagues devastated. His sudden death left everyone shocked including his colleague and loved ones who were close to him. Being a retired professor at the Aligarh Muslim University, he was also known as an Islamic preacher belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat. Keep reading to know more about him.

nadir ali khan

At the time of his death, he was 89-years-old. Since the news of his death was confirmed, many people paid tributes to him. A Twitter user, Mufti Wahiduzzaman said,” Prof. Dr. Nadir Ali Khan, the great preacher of Islam and beloved of the people, has passed away. Inn Lillahi Wa, Inna Ilaihi rajioon. May Allah forgive him, accept good deeds, forgive evil deeds and grant him a high position in Jannat”. His sudden death left many devastated especially his close and loved ones. According to the sources, he took his last breath at 12:10 AM on April 23, 2022.

Nadir Ali Khan Cause of Death?

According to the sources, Dr. Nadir Ali Khan was born on June 16, 1931, in Rataul, into a family of Islamic scholars. Later, he was also appointed as a reader in Aligarh Muslim University. He achieved huge respect and love because of his polite behavior and nature in the college due to which, he was promoted and became a professor of Urdu Language and then an honorary consultant of the department. Along with this, he became affiliated with the Tablighi Jamaat movement.

If we talk about his work and profession so, Nadir Ali Khan was a prolific writer in Urdu. Maybe, his best know work is A History in Urdu Journalism (1822-1857), which examines newspapers from nine different cities. Unfortunately, Khan took his last breath on April 23, 2022. Well, the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet but soon, it will be revealed after the autopsy report. He was 89-years-old and must have died due to health-related issues. Now, Hazrat’s Funeral Prayer and burial will be held in Aligarh on Saturday at 02:00 PM.

How Did Nadir Ali Khan Die?

Another Twitter user, Hamza said,” Hazrat Dr Nadir Ali Khan sahab Aligh has passed away 21st Ramadan 2022. Allah unki maghfirat farmaye aur jannatul Firdaus me aala Muqam naseeb kare. Ameen Ya Rab”. He will be always remembered by his loved ones.

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