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My success not just about talent, great music sound— Tems



Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, better known as Tems, says her success in the music industry goes beyond her talent and great music sound.

The talented singer stated this in an interview with Apple Music’s Africa Now Radio.

According to Tems, many people were involved in her emergence in the entertainment scene and owe her success to God.

Also, she described her experience working with Canadian rapper Drake as unbelievable.

She said, “I don’t really think everything is because of me. I know that I’m talented and I have a great music sound. But honestly, it’s more than that, it’s more than just the music and there’s so many people involved and honestly God has been in control of everything and I just like to live my life.

“So I don’t even think of it. I just see it as such an exciting life that I’m enjoying, rather than like trying to control it or take all the credit.

“Honestly, it’s unbelievable. When I said I wanted to work with Drake, I just said it. I wasn’t thinking about it. I used to listen to Drake all the time when I was in high school and growing up and it was just the first thing that came to my mind.

“And for me to actually meet him, work with him, it was just crazy. That is a full testament to God’s blessings. I can’t quantify how grateful I am because it’s not anything I did. I’m just making music and it seems I’m attracting all these people and I’m just so grateful.”

Speaking further on her Extended Play album, If Orange Was A Place, Tems said, “Orange is my favourite fruit. And if you find a very sweet orange and you really dig into it, it’s just busting with brightness, colours and warmth. It’s just a blast of excitement and the word ‘orange’ reminds me of sunset and sunrise. The EP is really the different shades of orange. And it’s really the different shades of me.”

On how she feels having achieved so much in the space of a year, she said, “I feel awesome. It has been incredible. It has been such an amazing year and honestly, I’m so grateful. I am so excited, most importantly, for everything that’s coming. Sometimes I can’t believe it, but I’m so grateful and I’m just taking everything in. I’m blessed, and we thank God. I’m just so excited.

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