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My Daughter Was Bullied At Faith Academy, Abuja & Sexually Assaulted




Some parents are now sharing how their children were bullied in school, some dragged Faith Academy, Abuja into the bully scandal too. Read some of the stories below:

“Good evening ma
I got this from a whatsapp group

My name is Tracynither Nicolas Ohiri (Twealthy Billions) and I had 2 boys in GIC Lekki phase one where Mrs Layiwola was a former school principal. A student in a senior class bullied my first son in that school so bad to the point of damaging the screen of my son’s Tablet. Mrs Layiwola felt she can plead and offer an apology on his behalf without giving me the opportunity to meet with the said boy and ask from him directly the reason He always bullies my son. She pleaded they were only kids and would settle it amongst themselves later.”

“Hello ma. Thanks for all you do. This Dowen bullying case happened to my daughter too when she was in Faith Academy, Abuja. She was bullied and sexually assaulted by the seniors but was threatened not to say anything. She still has those beating marks on her body till date.. Her being a pastor’s daughter in winner’s she kept it to herself and it has affected her till today. Because of this, she is withdrawn and doesn’t relate with people well.. She actually voiced out to us last month and said she was afraid to tell anyone because they said they will kill her. She only kept saying I don’t like the school but never gave us reasons. I pray justice is served in this Dowen school case. These children do not deserve to be treated like this.”

“Hello Ma, I just read a post you put up with a woman narrating her daughter’s ordeal in Faith Academy Goshen. She is absolutely right!!! I worship in Living Faith also but the bullying in Faith Academy Goshen is so intense. My first daughter attended the school but I had to withdraw her 3rd term JSS 1 because of bullying. In my own case I was sensitive enough to notice the change in my daughter. She will lock herself in the room and not want to be around family. When its time to go back to school, she will cry and pretend to be sick. It got to the point when…”

“My daughter needs this. She has been down since last week when this news broke out in school. Sly was her friend and in the same year wih her. Has been able to sleep, loss of appetite and complaints of headache with a fever. I need help, thank you. I stumbled on your page for the first time today.”




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