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Mr Chaotica Speaks About His Dubsteps And His Journey As An EDM Producer (Live Interview With 9jaflaver)




Mr Chaotica Speaks About His Dubsteps And His Journey As An EDM Producer (Live Interview With 9jaflaver)


Joe: Welcome to 9jaflaver artiste media hangout. You look great. Whats 

the secret?

Mr Chaotica: Thank you. it was God all through.

Interview: Having you at this moment will give us a lot of insight about your trend, 

what you do and your kind of vibe.

Mr Chaotica: I’m simply an EDM producer that specializes in dubstep and trap

Joe: Aside from Dubstep, you are a music producer right? 

Mr Chaotica: Yes im a music producer but im also a Dj


Joe: Are you under a management or signed to a label?

Mr Chaotica: I am under management but not signed to a label

Joe: You have stayed long in the Showbiz game. Can you give your personal

insight, your experience in the industry?

Mr Chaotica: I don’t have any special insight into the industry. If i did i would have been touring ibiza by now.

Joe: Tell me about your biggest artiste in the industry. You definitely have 

someone you “Stan”.

Mr Chaotica: I just like Falz and Reminice they seem like cool people

Joe: I know you have a role model, someone you look up to. Share with us why 

you choose that person.

Mr Chaotica: Honestly i dont have a particular role model. There are a lot of people past and present ive taken values from but that’s about it.


Joe: How do you intend to make it big and keep to the top level in this industry? 

We have a lot of competition going on. The hits are unending. Do you see the

competition as a motivating factor for you?

Mr Chaotica: I’m just going to keep doing what I do. At least i can confidently say im one of the best dubstep producers in this country if not the very best.

Joe: This days artistes rely on streams and revenue generated from them.

There are limited shows due to the pandemic. How has the pandemic shaped you as

an entertainer?

Mr Chaotica: Yes of course. Like you said ive been focusing a bit more on my social media.

Joe: What advice will you like to give to newcomer in the game.

Mr Chaotica: Keep at it and practice.

Joe: We all have high expectation especially your fans. When should we expect 

a snippet from your new project.

Mr Chaotica: Beginning of next year 


Joe: Before we wrap this moment, can you tell me your biggest win ever? If it’s 

a secret, I trust this is where you can keep it save and spilled at the same time


Mr Chaotica:  None yet. Any form of progress is a big win to me


Joe: Thank you for your time, for joining us in the 9JAFLAVER MEDIA 


Glad to have you here and we looking forward to your next project.

see you in our tour edition which will come up as a season series 


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