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Molkki Written Update 31st January 2022 Written Episode Today’s Spoilers




In the latest episode of Molkki, we have watched that Prakashi asks Gajraj to confirm his words. She started scolding Gajraj and asks if he is in his senses while talking. She asks how could you deny to me no one ever refuse my words. She further says that you are staying in this family only because of me. She says I can even snatch roof from your head so finish that Molkki if you want to get freed from here. Gajraj says I have obeyed all of your orders so far but he is unable to do this. Get more information on Molkki Written Update.

Molkki Written Update 31st January 2022 Written Episode Today's Spoilers

Gajraj further says that he can separate Purvi from Virender and you won’t see her face again, but he won’t kill her. Prakashi says you are here to follow orders and you can’t make any decision on your own. Prakashi then asks to complete the job and won’t show your face again. But Gajraj is on his words and says he won’t kill Purvi as he loves her and I want her anyhow. He further says that anyone who tries to hurt her has to face me before. Prakashi gets stunned hearing his words.

Molkki Latest Written Episode Update

Prakashi says that she wonders that everyone turns to Purvi’s side, she says you can find a far better woman than her. She again taunts her and asks him to kill her and you are free to go anywhere. She suggests marrying a decent girl moving to a new city and living a happy life. She again asks to finish that girl, Gajraj asks that she won’t do this and won’t even hear a single word against Purvi. Prakashi yells at him and says he is looking like a demon.

Prakashi then tries to provoke Gajraj and says she won’t love you back and leaves from there while she was leaving from there thinks how will she finish Purvi now. Yogi brings Anjali home gives her medicines and tells her the schedule of the medicines. Anjali then gets shocked while seeing the expensive bill.

She then asks Yogi if he got that money. Just then Purvi goes there and asks Anjali if Manas is looking for you within a moment Manas comes running there and says Haathi is saying right. Tune in to Colors Tv at 10 PM and watch the exclusive episode. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.