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Miguna and Ledama clash in dramatic showdown






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A face-off of epic proportions was witnessed after illegally exiled Kenyan-Canadian fiery lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna took on vocal Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina in what can only be described as a battle between “Diasporeans”. The exchange between the two eccentric and outspoken politicians was sparked off by remarks attributed to the Narok senator, and which appeared to rub Miguna Miguna the wrong way.

Ledama seemed to suggest that keeping money abroad in foreign jurisdictions per se isn’t wrong, and this was perceived by Miguna to mean that the first term legislator was defending the use of tax havens. In a scathing tweet, the lawyer wrote,

Dr. Miguna Miguna


Mr. @ledamalekina

is the type of Kenyan who should never hold public office. He defends THEFT of public resources, KLEPTOCRATS, money launderers, tax evaders and racketeers. Anyone who hides KES 3.5 Trillion abroad is a CRIMINAL. Period! #PandoraPapers #PandoraLeaks

This sparked a lightening-quick response from the senator who wrote,

Sen. Ledama Olekina

Replying to


Is that right ? At what point did I defend Theft of public resources ? You own properties in Canada and Nairobi – Muthaiga Estate does that make you a thief yet you were a candidate for Governor of Nairobi ? Or does your property become a public asset when you ever get elected?

This exchange split Miguna’s thread into two, with some admonishing the Narok senator for appearing to defend what was deemed as graft, while his supporters came to his defence, claiming that he was right and there was nowhere he had defended graft.

The debate over stashing of monies in foreign tax havens has been occasioned by the recent exposé titled The Pandora Papers.

Details of the Kenyatta family’s offshore wealth have been brought to light by the Pandora Papers, a collection of more than 11.9 million records from 14 law firms and other service providers based in the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles, Panama, Singapore and other tax havens.

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