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Mason Greenwood Audio Recording Clip goes viral on social media




LISTEN: Mason Greenwood Audio Recording Clip goes viral on social media: Mason Greenwood is revolving around the controversies on social media platforms. As his girlfriend took her social media account and she posted a video in which she has been posted a video in which she said that her boyfriend attacked her both Physically and Sexually. This made him be swirled all on the web. His girlfriend is Harriet Robson, what she is claiming is actually right or she is putting the wrong charges at him? Stay tuned to us to track a complete incident. Follow More Update On

Mason Greenwood Scandal

Mason Greenwood Audio Recording

In our opinion, it is difficult to believe that such a prominent or celebrated personality could be involved in this act. The couple is in a long-term relationship as there are several images of them on their social media accounts. After the video surfaced on the internet the police of Greater Manc here had given a piece of complete information about the incident. The footballer is now under the arrest facing charges of rape and assault yesterday with his girlfriend. While his fans are waiting for his reaction to the allegations. But he didn’t react yet.

Robson posted some of the pictures in which she shows the wounds on her body given to ger by Greenwood as per her allegations. She even claimed that he tried to abuse her physically.  Manchester United stated, “we are very well aware of the images and the allegations released by Robson and these mashed are scattering all over the world as the footballer is the world-famous player. So until the facts don’t unveil we are not in a phase of saying anything else in the regards of the same.”

Mason Greenwood's girlfriend, Harriet Robson

Mason Greenwood Audio Recording Listen

Mason Greenwood's girlfriend, Harriet Robson

The investigator appealed to the people to not pass any of the comments and not to share these pictures until there will no confirmed sources or reports. On google, there is a keyword that has been the most searched and trending on it, “Mason Greenwood rape video” while resting of the search terms those in the rise,  ‘Mason Greenwood tape recording’ and ‘Mason Greenwood audio script’.

It is clear that the fans of him and the people are seeking the video which led to the arrest of the footballer. And this video has been posted by his girlfriend. The investigation is going on and the officers are requesting not to share the videos and the pictures. This is the most sensitive matter.

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