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Maria Actress On How She Became A Millionaire At 20






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Maria actress Yasmeen has addressed rumors that she is a millionaire. Speaking to Nana Owiti and Joyce Maina on Chatspot, Yasmeen decided to come and set the record straight about her being a millionaire. She revealed that entertainment blogs will write about anything as long as they are earning money at the end of the day. She further said that she was not going to reveal whether she is a millionaire or not.

Okay, sawa I’d say, unajua kuna mablogs, mi ninaweza amkaleo pia, nianzishe blog yangu. So many things out there zinasema hey, Yasmeen amefanya hivi ama Yasmeen amefanya hivi but hiyo ya pesa, I would say I am into tha tInshallah, siku moja all will be well. Networth? Yeah, mimi ninafanya kazi. Na nipata pesa but siwezi ambia watu ati exact amount. What they don’t know the enemy cannot touch.


She went on to explain some of the good things that came with her being a cast on the Maria series. Her hobbies include sleeping and eating. Maria came into the limelight after Maria series but even after it ended, people still love her. She has managed to remain relevant by the ambassadorial deals that she gets now and then.


First of all, I love eating. I am a foodie. Second, ninapenda kulala na kuongea. If I am not sleeping, ninaongea. If am not talking, I am sleeping. I am also a brand ambassador. Actually, with Maria, ilikuja na vitu nyingi. So many blessings yenye ninashukuru mungu. Being a public figure, of course ninainfluence. I mean, you have the numbers, you can reach so many people. So that’s how I got the brand ambassadorship. Actually, hiyo brand ambassador its to make awareness of the product sindio?

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