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Manifesto With Racist, Misogynistic Remarks




WATCH: Reddit Matthew Harris UCLA Youtube Video: Manifesto With Racist, Misogynistic Remarks: Matthew Harris has been taken into custody due to allegedly sending campus staff life-threatening and a mass shooting referencing a video by the Colorado Police on Tuesday. He is a former lecturer at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). This news has shocked the citizens and his learner fellows as the professor have sent the frightening manifesto and threatened to kill a UCLA staff member last year. Read this news blog till the end as here you will get to know everything which imperative in this story so take some time and read down this page by scrolling down it. Follow More Update On

Matthew Harris UCLA Youtube

Matthew Harris UCLA Youtube Video

The court has barred him to go near the UCLA staff members, he also remained as a lecturer at UCLA as well as postdoctoral, he is currently under investigation due to his misbehavior toward UCLA’s other professor. A while ago he uploaded a sensitive video on Youtube and a disturbing manifesto that is filled with anti-semitic, racist, and misogynistic statements. On Tuesday the above-mentioned university has canceled all the in-person classes as this is the consequence of his action and behavior toward some members of the university on Monday. It is reported that Harris’s behavior was not appropriate with the staff.

Reddit Matthew Harris UCLA Explained

Reportedly, he has shared a video link that related to mass shootings and a manifesto of 800 pages that are littered with life threats to the staff member of the university. He also runs a Youtube channel and that channel has consisted of more than 300 videos on Youtube in which most of the videos were posted on Monday and later on Tuesday that channel was terminated by the authority as the channel is displaying the massage says this account has been blocked.

A video titled Mass Shooting (UCLA PHILOSOPHY) and its duration is of 5 minutes in which Harris is speaking by using a microphone and that the footage which is consisted in that video is of the mass shooting at Las Vegas’ Music festival in 2017 and he also uploaded videos of anti-semitic and racist commentaries on his channel and the platform has terminated those videos on 1st February on early morning. The titles of the videos that were uploaded on his Youtube channel are “Murder”, “Ive Had Enough”, and, “Death Sentences” and he also shared a document by using Google Drive’s feature which was also taken down by the officials on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more such information on this page.