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Manchester City offers a golden bridge to one of its nuggets, Antoine Griezmann skipped a real jackpot






Manchester City account to shield Phil Foden and Antoine Griezmann says no to the jackpot by returning to Atlético de Madrid. Find the latest information from the European sports press in your Foot Transfer market press review.

Manchester City offers a golden bridge to Phil Foden

As the Daily Star in today’s edition, the English gem Phil foden should receive a tempting extension proposal from his club Manchester City. The SkyBlues seem to believe in the emergence of the young 21-year-old midfielder, since the club intends to offer the player a 6-year contract, accompanied by a salary going from 52,000 euros per week to 175,000. on the rise by Cityzens leaders, who have already dropped many tickets this summer, including the arrival of Jack Grealish as the most expensive rookie in Premier League history.

Antoine Griezmann skips a real jackpot

We go to Spain, where Antoine Griezmann joined Atlético Madrid. With this return under the orders of Diego Simeone, the French striker has certainly not left Barça to increase his salary. According to the Spanish media Sport, who obtained his contract, it is in total nearly 177.5 M € that the number 7 of the Blues could have touched if all the conditions had been met. If FC Barcelona was in a complicated budgetary situation in recent months, the summer transfer window has allowed the club to save money in the cash registers.

The Spanish press unveils the burofax sent by Lionel Messi in 2020

Also in Spain, the Mundo Deportivo unveiled this Sunday morning the famous burofax that Lionel messi had sent to Barça last year. On August 24, 2020, the Pulga announced for the first time its desire to leave FC Barcelona. The latter thought he could freely leave the Catalan club according to a clause in his contract, but the club refused because the deadline was set for June 10, 2020. The Argentine thinking that due to the particular context of last season, his request could be accepted, but ultimately the Pulga will remain an additional season at Barça, before joining Paris-Saint-Germain this summer.

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