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Man Shares Encounter With Teenage Boy Who Came to a Restaurant With a Benz And Offered to Pay For Everyone’s Food




Okoye Cardinal said he visited his favourite Ofe Akwu joint to buy food when the boy, who he claims should be in his teens, pulled up in a Benz.


A Twitter user, Okoye Cardinal has shared an experience with a teenage boy who stormed a local restaurant in a Benz and offered to pay for everyone’s food.
Narrating the story, Okoye said that upon arriving at the joint, the teenager announced that he would pay for the food of everyone present, but he (Okoye) declined the offer.
Well, he declined the offer because he doesn’t know the source of the boy’s wealth and didn’t want to be a victim of money ritual, as it might be a new tactic.
Narrating the incident, he wrote,
“This morning I went to my favourite ofe akwu joint to buy food, this boy with clean red Benz that have not reached 19 years told the food seller to calculate everybody’s bill that he will pay. I told the woman not to add my bill in front of the boy. No be me una go use top money.”
See his post below: