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Man Sentenced To Death For Setting Ex-Wife On Fire While Livestreaming Online






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Man who set his ex-wife on fire while livestreaming to her online follower was on Thursday sentenced to death in China.

The ex-wife was reportedly streaming a video of herself  last September, when the suspect burst in her house, poured gasoline on her and set her on fire. Lhamo, 30 died two weeks after the incident.

Tang Lu, the ex-husband, was arrested soon after. After months of court hearing, Tang Lu was found guilty of homicide and was sentenced to death as well as ordered to pay compensation of Lhamo’s death.

The court found the suspect of excessing an extreme cruelty and deserved a severe punishment, as reported by state-owned media CCTV.

A report by CCTV notes that Tang had a history of physically abusing Lhamo before the officially divorced in June 2020. After the divorce, Tang constantly went to the ex-wife to ask her to remarry him, a request she declined, leading her to murder.

The case put China on spot over its failure to enact laws that protect the victims of gander-based violence. In China, domestic disputes are considered private family matter hence making the authorities reluctant to solve the dispute.

China only enacted its first nationwide law that prohibited domestic violence in 2015 but the critics have noted that the law still has some gaps that need to be filled.

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