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Man killed in Busia for stealing chicken.





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A man was on Monday stoned to death in Nambale, Busia County for attempting to sell a chicken and five chicks that he had carefully could concealed in a gunnysack.

The 22-year-old Collins Omieno lost his life in the most unorthodox manner, after he failed to prove ownership of the chicken.

“In the ensuing melee as he tried to prove ownership, world came that some chicken had earlier been stolen in a nearby Centre. When Omieno learnt that he had been cornered, he took to his heels as the angry mob chased after him baying for his blood.,” Said a statement from the DCI.

The mob pursuing the 22-year- old Omieno wanted him death. Upon reaching a cotton ginnery grounds, the crowd caught up with him, who was already worn out and could run no more.

They descended on him with kicks, blows and all manner of projectiles, hence, killing him on the spot.

The police further discouraged members of the public to desist from taking the law into their own hands and report such cases to law enforcement officers, for due process to be followed.

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