Man Dies After He Was Bitten By A Snake ‘Sent’ By An Unknown Person (Photos)

A Nigerian man identified as Anthony Oregon has died after he was bitten by a poisonous snake friends claimed was sent by someone, NaijaCover Reports.

According to Shadrack Okpomhe Who Shared The News, As Obtained By NaijaCover, someone called the deceased to inform him that pigs were feeding on his crops.

However, on getting to his farm, he saw a snake instead. He immediately tried to go back but the snake flew at him and bit him on the leg. Although Tony managed to kill the snake, he didn’t survive the poisonous bite, NaijaCover Learnt.

The deceased was laid to rest on May 26, after a funeral mass at Saint Philomena Catholic Church in Edo State.

Someone called him to inform him about his crops been eaten by pigs, and getting to the farm that evening just a stone throw from the house , he saw the giant snake and immediately went back, according to him, the snake flew towards him and he got bitten, he was brave enough to kill the same snake but could not survive it.

Tony this wasn’t our discussion few days ago, we where to see this morning and I never knew something had prevented you from us seeing.

If I was told on time or u called me, Tony e no get how e wan be wey e no go be, local medicine for quench this mess bro, Tony my uncle for do something to this snake back to its sender I seriously still don’t want to believe this evening when I had to accompany your corpse to the morgue this evening.

Tony why?

Tony what happens to mama whose far away in Abuja who knew quite alright u at home looking after things?

Tony why?

Tony u be don dey plan settle down why this?


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