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Madonna Lists Massive Hidden Hills Estate For $25.9M




Madonna Lists M*ive Hidden Hills Estate for $25.9M, #Madonna #Lists #M*ive #Hidden #Hills #Estate #259M Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

Madonna just can’t keep still, because she’s selling the m*ive estate she bought just a year ago.

Madge just listed her Hidden Hills home for just under $26 million … in case you’ve followed her real estate moves, she bought the house last year from The Weeknd for $19.3 mil, so she’s banking on a sizeable profit.

madonna house

The house is 12,000-square feet, with 9 bedrooms. A* the bells and whistles … a theater, music lounge, indoor/outdoor bar and the obligatory SoCal pool.

And, then there are even cooler features, like a barn, a gym and a dance studio.

madonna house

The real estate market is cooling a bit in the L.A. area, like in other parts of the country, largely because interest rates have soared recently. That may not have an impact on this sale, because whoever can afford the house probably doesn’t care whether the interest rate is 3% or 5%.

Madonna won’t be struggling to find a place to call home … she has homes in New York, London, Beverly Hills and Lisbon.

madonna house

Trevor Wright of The Beverly Hills Estates has the listing.


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