Madagascar Plans To Send CVO Herbal Teas To Nigeria And Other Countries

Many countries are without a doubt searching for a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Madagascar, one of the countries who claimed to have a vaccine that helps in the fight of the virus in their country plans to export some of the vaccines to many African countries.

See Countries on their list:

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#ghana🇬🇭#guinee 🇬🇳 #liberia🇱🇷#mali🇲🇱
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The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina released a statement via his official Instagram account that Madagascar would be sending her CVO Herbal Teas to other countries especially member countries of ECOWAS.

Read His statement and translation Below:

Madagascar et ses frères africains sont unis contre le coronavirus
C’est avec honneur que nous envoyons ces tisanes CVO vers les 15 pays membres de la CEDEAO à travers la Guinée Bissau.Madagascar mettra à disposition le Tambavy CVO à tous les malades du coronavirus dans tous les pays amis en Afrique, dans l’océan Indien et dans le monde.
#benin 🇧🇯 #burkinafaso🇧🇫 #cotedivoire🇨🇮
#ghana🇬🇭 #guinee 🇬🇳 #liberia🇱🇷 #mali🇲🇱
#togo🇹🇬 #niger🇳🇪 #sierraleone🇸🇱 #gambie🇬🇲 #nigeria 🇳🇬 #guinnebissau🇬🇼 #capvert🇨🇻 #senegal🇸🇳 ———- Miara-mijoro sy miray hina miady amin’ny coronavirus I Madagasikara sy ireo rahalahy Afrikanina.
Voninahitra ho antsika ny hanolorana ny delegasiona avy any Guinée Bissau ireto tambavy CVO ireto mba ho alefa any amin’ireo firenena 15 mpikambana anatin’ny CEDEAO.

See Translation Below:

Madagascar and its African brothers are united against the coronavirus It is with honour that we send these CVO herbal teas to the 15 member countries of ECOWAS through Guinea Bissau. Madagascar will make Tambavy CVO available to all coronavirus patients in all friendly countries in Africa, in the ocean. Indian and around the world. Madagascar and the African brothers stand united and fight against coronavirus. It is our privilege to offer the delegation from Guinea Bissau these CVO grants to be sent to the 15 CEDEAO member states.

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