LOSC: the case is tense between Christophe Galtier and Olivier Létang


Faced with the intransigence of Olivier Létang and the last remarks made yesterday by the president of Lille, Christophe Galtier is for the moment still the coach of the Mastiffs but relations between the two men are strained more than ever.

The separation between LOSC and Christophe Galtier does not really go as planned. Despite the remarkable feat of having won the title of champion of France under the nose and beard of the immense favorite, PSG, the Lille coach quickly warned that he was going to leave the North of France, after three years. and a half that have marked the history of the club. Galtier believes that there needs to be a renewal, freshness and undoubtedly fears a flight of talents this summer. Lille plans to sell for around € 100m.

“I took my decision. I informed my president, Olivier Létang, after listening to him a lot this morning, that I was going to leave LOSC. Or that I was quitting with LOSC, I’m not sure which term to use. I am quite simply convinced that I have done my time here ”, declared Galtier in the columns of The team on May 25th. It is the OGC Nice which tries to recover the technician champion of France but the Gym opposes the demands of Olivier Létang, the president of the Mastiffs. It is 10 M € or nothing to buy back the last year of the contract.

Galtier did not appreciate Létang’s comments

The pond remains inflexible. always in The team, the leader explained yesterday that he wanted to keep his coach, despite the increasingly tense relations between the two men. “For me, there is a second major injury. We are June 18th. My club has a season to prepare. I have not discussed with any other coach. I would like us to respect the club. I would have appreciated if someone contacted me sooner ”, assures the one who would have been made aware of Galtier’s intentions in February.

This last speech does not pass on the side of the former trainer of Saint-Etienne and his clan. On April 5, Galtier confirmed his plan to leave. According to the sports daily, he does not want to return to Lille and does not plan to return there, unless his contract forces him to be present at the resumption on June 28. It is also on this day that OGC Nice has planned to make its comeback. A 3-year contract awaits the signature of the 54-year-old technician on the Côte d’Azur but without an agreement with the LOSC, the file remains on stand-by. The standoff is not far away …

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