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Local Movie Theater Tries to Play a Christmas (The Grinch) Movie Using an Amazon Prime Account: VIRAL Video




Once again, an incident regarding Christmas is coming to the fore and remaining the subject of huge discussion, but this time a case is a bit different than others. Even the video of the incident is getting viral on social media especially on TikTok in which, you can watch that the movie theatre is trying to play a Christmas Movie while using an Amazon Prime Account. As soon as the video got viral in such a rapid manner, immense reactions are also begun to pop out, so below you can check some pieces of vital information.

movie theater amazon prime the grinch

According to the reports, plenty of users are unleashing their deep reaction to the activity of the theatre staff, because it seems inappropriate enough to use Amazon Prime Account for showing something on the screen. Because everyone paid an amount for getting the ticket but this activity made several hearts shattered because no one even supposed that someone could think up to the extent. One user wrote that what happens if the internet connection would have been lost and quality got decreased.

It is being reported, that more than a hundred comments have been shared by the people, who attend the scandal of theatre staff while showing them a Christmas movie while using an account of Amazon Prime. Almost everyone shared the same thing by alleging the staff that no one has a right to do such things as they have done with them despite receiving the ticket revenues from them. But hitherto, no statement came from their side on the incident, which is remaining the subject of great discussion, because everyone wants to get the answer of the activity.

Recently, a user said that it seems risky to stream it, because if the connection gets slow so the quality of the picture would also get decreased, which is not fair. Another wrote, that this activity made them think about the class presentation as someone connected a laptop with the projector, something similar remarks are being passed by the other users or netizens on the incident, because it was unexpected enough. So we have shared some pieces of details derived from the other sources.