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Lillian Nganga Speaks On Domestic Abuse






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Ex Machakos First Lady, Lilian Nganga has today shared a message on her Instagram story concerning Agnes Tirop’s Murder.


The Ex first lady posted a picture of the late Olympian and captioned an encouraging message to victims of domestic abuse. She advised the victims to walk away rather than stay and end up on their deathbeds. The ex-first lady also made it known that during her service as the first lady she helped in the construction of a center that will be a safe space for victims who overcome domestic abuse.http://

Domestic violence has claimed so many centre lives and we should all speak up against it. Violence of whatever kind in relationships should never be tolerated .Love is meant to build you, not break and kill you . I say walk away , the sun will rise again and most important, is that you will be alive to enjoy it’s warmth. Through the office of the first lady, Machakos as one of my programs, I lobbied and funds were allocated for construction of a GBV centre, one complete will be a safe space for domestic violence victors

Very true, if there is no love in the marriage, there is no need to press on

This really breaks my heart😢…walk away

This is so painful 😓 and heartbreaking 💔 no one should go through this yet it has become so common!! It gotta stop 🛑

And we usually speak when it’s too late …or when the damage is done.

hata Mimi nilijitoa mapema..

People hold on to abusive relationships in the name of children. That’s the greatest lie you will ever tell yourself. Children who see a parent being abused repeated tend to grow with stigma. The more you persevere brutality the more damage you inflict on your kids. Walk away when you still can.

Lillian Nganga

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