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Lillian Nganga & Juliani Trolled






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The latest photo of Juliani and Lilian Nganga after they officially announced online they are dating, has surfaced online and it has made Netizens online elicit mixed reactions. A few weeks ago, Lilian Nganga and Governor of Machakos County Alfred Mutua broke up and days later, Lilian Nganga announced that Juliani is the new partner.

Their relationship received a lot of criticism online because she left a Governor for a musician. Being the wife of a Governor means enjoying a lot of privileges compared to musicians. As a first lady of the county, Lillian would have enjoys her life to the fullest because of the privileges.

This latest photo of Juliani and Lilian months after they started dating, has made Netizens to say that Lilian Nganga has completely changed and from the photo, Netizens said that ‘ameparara’ already.


Juliani amefanya Lillian anakaa Masaai wa kutembeza herbal drugs. Ni twa twa tu

Shida iko. Tena kubwa sana. Ni kama wamefika a foreign land and they lost their luggage plus bank cards.

They look frustrate

Hapa juliani anakaa ni kama ata hawezi karanga juu ya njaa..

That the difference between county money and skiza tune money

Juliani looks much older than mutua, this girl is confused

Mwagieni hawa watu kemikali wachangamke,wamechoka sana

Lakini mimi aki siwezi wacha pesa juu ya vitu kama hizi ghai fafa 

Mbona wameparara??


I think it’s time that people let these two be. Lillian decided to choose Juliani because she is in love and no one really understands this apart from her. Only these two know what they are doing. So enough with the hateful comments. People need to spread love and light.

Juliani and Lillian Nganga

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