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Lagos Government Demolishes Hostel While Students Were Still Inside



Without prior notice, Lagos State government agents demolish buildings with students still inside.

I received a call from school Lagos state university from my course mate telling me the apartment I helped him acquiring got demolished without announcement.

This was a thing of shock cause I had to rush down to the location,victor said : I just dey inside room they hear noice as I come out I see say them Dan dey break the house.Talking to the caretaker they said there’s no one with the right to demolish it. I’m more concerned because this has note only leave an emotional damage but also financial damage onto my friend victor. I believe this could have been in check before demolition occurred. I’m broadcasting this now to let the @lagosstategovt @lasusuofficial_ @biesloaded @instablog9ja @gossipmillnaija @mufasatundeednut @donjazzy #lasusu to help us see that this matter be brought to justice. I’m sorry but this isn’t right cause the act was unlawful. All this happened on the 15th of September 2021. This is a recent issue and needs to be handled sooner #repost #lagosstategovernment #justice @goldenfundzworldwide

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