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Lady Sacrificed UK Scholarship For Man Who Later Left Her For Another Woman




Nigerian influencer and relationship expert, Amanda Chisom has narrated the story of how she sacrificed her ambition for her boyfriend but the man ended up leaving her for another woman, IGBERETV reports.


According to Amanda Chisom, the admission and scholarship she got would have enabled her to study at the University of Reading, United Kingdom. But she said she chose her man over the big offer.

She wrote on Facebook; “You know in 2013 I got a scholarship in the University of Reading in the UK. I wrote my IETLS and everything. I chose man over the scholarship, I could not imagine leaving my boyfriend in Nigeria to go abroad.”

However, he dumped her and married another woman. Regretting her decision, she said in the post:

“See me now my brain don partially block, how I wan take go school again. Man I chose, is his wife’s house eating rice me I am here lonely. If I ever get the chance to do it all over again I will avoid man with all my strength till I hit 30 years.”