Kris Wu Scandal Thickens as Chinese Police Rule Accuser Hyped Up Story

The recent explosive accusations of sexual misconduct against superstar actor and rapper Kris Wu were in fact the result of three different elaborate schemes to malign and fraud him, an investigation by the Chinese police concluded late Thursday evening local time.

The police in Beijing’s Chaoyang district responsible for handling the case arrived at the results with unusual speed, issuing them just days after the most condemnatory of the allegations against Wu emerged.

Earlier this month, 19-year-old student Du Meizhu launched initial accusations against Wu that he had gotten her drunk at a party and date raped her. In subsequent posts and an interview, she said that he had done the same with at least seven other very young women, often found via casting calls or selected from his fan groups. China’s age of consent is 14.

However, the police verdict stated that Du hyped up her story in posts written with a friend “in order to enhance their own online popularity.” Du’s subsequent posts with even more damning detail were indeed posted by her but written by a male online writer seeking to “spin profit from the situation.”

Du has posted what she says are videos and screenshots of money she received from accounts listed as owned by Wu and his mother. The police stated that those transactions were the result of yet another fraudster — a 23-year-old male in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, who tried to take advantage of the viral situation to extort money from both sides.

The police force said in their official statement of their results, posted to Weibo, that they have “interrogated suspects, interviewed the parties [involved], visited witnesses, obtained documentary evidence, and secured and extracted electronic evidence” to generate their findings. They remain, however, in the middle of an investigation into the other sexual assault claims against Wu that have exploded online, and will deal with its results “in accordance with the law.”

Variety’s call to their department on Thursday went unanswered.

Du posted another Weibo missive late Thursday evening after the police report emerged, doubling down on her position and describing how exhausted she was with the investigation and attention. “I don’t want to take up public resources anymore. I hope this will end soon. I’m truly so tired.”

She refuted the report point by point.

The police report said Du had attended a casting call for an upcoming music video conducted by Wu’s agent, a woman surnamed Feng. Afterwards, she went to a party at Wu’s house where a group of 10 people drank and played drinking games together until the next morning. She stayed there that evening after getting drunk, and the two had sexual intercourse. She left the next morning after sharing a meal with Wu, and has kept in touch with him over WeChat since.

Du contested in her response to the police that Wu’s agent Feng used the casting call as a way of bringing her to Wu’s house and pushing her into his bed. She added that Wu’s side had sent money but she has since been in the process of returning it, and “has never committed fraud.”

“Because she was a woman, I wasn’t taking precautions, and got into the car she’d called for me,” she said. “It was only when I arrived that I realized it was a drinking party at Wu’s house, and wasn’t a meeting for just the two of us to discuss work.

“I said that I had a low alcohol tolerance, but the people there kept giving me alcohol. I even vomited once. I then drank until I lost consciousness, and Feng Meng took me to his bedroom…I did not actively go there! I did not stay there on purpose!”

When she woke up, she said Wu told her sincerely that he wanted them to start dating, so she stayed for a meal.

“So many women who were tricked have come to find me; I’ve already done all I can to give them a voice,” said Du. “You can say I’m sensationalizing to become famous online — whatever you want to say is fine, I don’t care. Perhaps there’s no outcome that will satisfy everyone, but I’ve tried my best.”

Wu, a Canadian citizen, has vehemently refuted the allegations, writing on his official Weibo: “If there really had been such behavior, I would certainly willingly go to jail.” He has not been formally charged with any crimes.

Variety has contacted Wu’s representatives but hasn’t yet received a response.


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