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Knights Forward Elbow Attack On Panthers Chris Smith Video Explained




Mitch Barnett Suspension For 6 Week: Knights Forward Elbow Attack On Panthers Chris Smith Video Explained: We are here with the most viral news or claims about the professional rugby league footballer, Mitch Barnett. You must be wondering why he has been making rounds on the internet then, we are going to be informed you with all the details about it. Being a fan of football player you must be impatient to grab the details. So, let’s not delay anymore and get into the article below. Follow More Update On

Mitch Barnett

Mitch Barnett Suspension For 6 Week Details

He is busy playing for the Newcastle Knights as a lock and second-row forward. Ads per the sixth match which was all set at his name are now banned in the NRL. After this, the rugby player is in the headlines. Yes, you guys have heard it right that he is not able to play his sixth match anymore now. He is punished over the most controversial sent-off in his side’s loss to the Panthers in Bathurst on Saturday, March 26, 2022. As per the previous match, it has been clear that Barnett was actually tried his best to cause injuries to Penrith. A forward from Knights was referred their journey to the judiciary on the most dangerous contact charges.

Later he has been pleaded guilty, to the most inappropriate act from his side on  Tuesday, March 29, 2022. Later Barnett has been said that “The point I want to get across is there is a difference between being deliberate and being careless. I accept the punishment for careless, but there is no way I went out there to deliberately assault someone,”

Knights Forward Elbow Attack On Panthers Chris Smith Video

Mitch Barnett was seen so powerful and reckless elbow on the Chris Smith in the Newcastle 38-20 loss to Penrith in the Round 3rd. If we guys are gonna check the clip that surfaced on the web of the same incident. Then in this, we guys are gonna be seen everything so clearly. Barnett hit on Smith’s head so heard in the 33rd minute of the match.

Barnett has been seen apologizing to the Panthyhe’s second-rower Smith after the game was ended. Later Warren Smith had been given a statement as an “absolute brain explosion”. Benji Marshall has described it as a “moment of madness”.

The reactions of people are angry about the act of the player. They are completely against him and want him to apologize to Chris.

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