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Kirubi’s daughter, Maryanne speaks on ongoing plans to set up her father’s foundation





The late businessman Chris Kirubi’s daughter, Maryanne Musangi has revealed plans to establish a foundation in honour of the her late father.

Maryanne spoke during the funeral’s service of her father at his Bendor Farm on Saturday, June 19, 2021 where she disclosed to the mourners who had gathered to witness Kirubi’s send off their intention of setting up a legacy for her father.

She stated that the foundation will bolster Education and Mentorship, Health (Diabetes and Cancer), Technology (Innovations) and Agriculture sectors.

She also revealed that President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was informed of the plan, supported it when he visited the family to express his condolences.

“His Excellency did pass by the house and I talked with him and we talked about this foundation. I think I sold the idea well to the president.,” she added “I promise to do my best and when I’m stuck I will seek those in this gathering. Your legacy will never be forgotten. I love you daddy”

Maryanne also narrated how she grew up cherishing every moment that she spent with her father, who was almost always out of town for work.

“The words about my father are indescribable, growing up I didn’t understand why I can’t have him for myself “I knew he adored me and that was good enough,” Maryanne said.

She believes that her early exposure especially the stay in Europe and her knowledge of French, helped her land a job working for Coca-Cola in Morocco ten years later.

“He was willing to sacrifice sending me away so that I could get a strong foundation so that in future I could better my life, my family life and the nation,” Maryanne said.

Maryanne further recalled her late father’s four-year battle with cancer, saying the ordeal left her father weaker and his family emotionally drained.

“He brutal fought this disease called cancer which was difficult. We were emotionally exhausted, it was unthinkable what he was going through. He fought very very hard,” she told mourners.

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