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King Kaka Pens Emotional Message To His Wife






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It is indeed a beautiful day for the power couple, king kaka and Nana Owiti. These two lover birds have proven that love can conquer all hardships in a relationship as long as you stick by each other through thick and thin.

Although they have encountered a lot of differences in their love triangle, Nana has chosen to stand by her man and make him the husband she wants him to be. This step has not only brought them more closely but also a happy home as a couple.


In many relationships, they say it’s always the woman’s role to play the bigger part in making his man feel comfortable in a home. Nana has served as a role model to young couples and women by standing with king kaka during his worst moments in life these few months.

From the star’s side, it’s evident that he is grateful for being blessed with a woman like his wife. This could be concluded from a few of his posts on his Instagram pages while giving praises to Nana.

The star admitted that his wife would sacrifice all the long nights together beside him praying and encouraging him in expecting the best to happen soon in his life. With such pressure surrounding king kaka, he emerged a conquerer with the support of his wife. Today, he took his precious time to pen down another beautiful quote as he stepped out with Nana. Read the post below.


What you guys never got to see 🥲I will never stop thanking God for taking us out of the lions’ den. I had never seen such darkness in a while. Everyday I thought I had seen the worst, I saw the ‘worstest’ the next day… I watched my husband constantly knock death’s door but still wore God’s amour..Maybe he was knocking the door so he could knock the devil off 😝

On the real.. @thekingkaka put up a fight. He never gave up and if he ever did once,he never showed it. On this day,he just got super sick and we couldn’t get to the hospital because of traffic and so Dr. Stanley hopped onto a motorbike and met us on the way. God bless you Doc. Anyway guys.. here’s is ‘MANIFEST’ by @thekingkaka FT the very talented @nviirithestoryteller Fresh on YouTube listen in Link on my Bio

King Kaka

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