Kilifi residents face eviction over land scuffle with government


Residents of Kilifi and the Agriculture Development Corporation (ADC) are entangled in a land dispute.

According to a report by the Nation, the government organisation plans o repossess 900 acres of land, but the residents of Kaskini claim the government gave them the land in 2006.

The scuffle began in 2014 after ADC declared people who had occupied the land for decades were on the property illegally.

In an effort to reach a common understanding, the county government of Kilifi will present a report and its findings to the National Lands Commission (NLC).

Amason Kingi, the Kilifi county boss, will table the report before the commission.

Kingi slammed the government for trying to kick residents out of their property. He noted scramble for the land was to launch ADC’s irrigation project and the Galana-Kulalu irrigation scheme.

“The government requested residents of Kaskini to provide land for a dairy farm project. After giving out a big parcel of land, the community didn’t benefit at all. 13 years later, the project collapsed and land divided among senior government officials,” posed Kingi.

On the other hand, ADC said that the government acquired it legally despite the land belonging to the residents.

However, Kingi expressed his doubts regarding the project’s feasibility and how it would benefit the local community.

The state launched Galana-Kulalu irrigation seven years ago to produce 10,000 acres worth of food crop.

The government pumped Ksh 7 billion into the project in 2019.

However, since 2014, the project is yet to commence. It stalled because of bad blood between the contractor and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the implementing agency for the project, and the National Irrigation Board (NIB).

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