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Kep1er Members, Age, Name, Height, Leader, Fandom Name, Birthday





Kep1er Members

Kep1er is a popular South Korean Nine-member group that was created while doing a survival show called Girls Planet 999. It has been originated as a temporary gang created on 3, January 2022. They will be advertised Swing Entertainment and WAKEONE Entertainment for 2.5 years. Kang Yesco, Sakamoto Mashiro, Ezaki Hikaru, Choi Yujin, Seo Youngeun, Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, Huening Bahiyyih, and Shen Xiaoting. Their group name is, Kep1er in which Ke means Capture. It is said that how the girl in the group was able to capture their dreams and the 1 in the name represents how the members were able to mingle with each other and as one. As said earlier there were nine members in the group and the oldest one is Choi Yujin – 25 years old and the youngest is Kang Yeseo – 16 years old. The group has mixed members from different nations and ethnicity. 

Kep1er Members Age

Members Age
Yujin 25 years old
Shen Xiaoting 22 years old
Sakamoto Mashiro 22 years old
Kim Chaehyun 19 years old
Kim Dayeon 18 years old
Ezaki Hikaru 17 years old
Huening Bahiyyih 17 years old
Seo Young Eun 17 years old
Yeseo 16 years old

Kep1er Height

Members Height
1. Shen Xiaoting 1.68 m (5’6″)
2. Huening Bahiyyih 1.66 m (5’5″)
3. Yujin 1.62 m (5’4″)
4. Kim Chaehyun 1.60 m (5’3″)
5. Seo Young Eun 1.59 m (5’3″)
6. Kim Dayeon 1.58 m (5’2″)
7. Yeseo 1.57 m (5’2″)
8. Sakamoto Mashiro 1.57 m (5’2″)
9. Ezaki Hikaru 1.54 m (5’1″)

Kep1er Birthday

Members Birthdays
Yujin 12, August 1996
Shen Xiaoting 12, November 1999
Sakamoto Mashiro 16, December 1999
Kim Chaehyun 26, April 2002
Kim Dayeon 02, March 2003
Ezaki Hikaru 12, March 2004
Huening Bahiyyih 27, July 2004
Seo Young Eun 27, December 2004
Yeseo 22, August 2005

Kep1er Members Position In The Group

Members Positions
Kim Chaehyun center, main vocalist
Huening Bahiyyih vocalist
Choi Yujin leader, vocalist
Kim Dayeon main dancer, rapper
Seo Youngeun vocalist, rapper, dancer
Kang Yeseo vocalist, dancer, maknae
Ezaki Hikaru main rapper, dancer
Sakamoto Mashiro co-leader, lead vocalist
Shen Xiaoting vocalist, visual

Kep1er Members Name

Kep1er group was formed very recently on 3, January 2022. After the famous Girl Planet 999 survival show these girls found unity among each other and made use of their fame to form a group called Kep1er. Being in this group they can also exhibit their talents. This famous South Korean Girls Kpop group is managed by Swing Entertainment and WAKEONE Entertainment. The members of the group come from different countries and ethnicity. The girl Kpop group consists of 6 South Korean members, 2 Japanese members, and 1 Chinese member. Shen Xiaoting is a Chinese member of the group, Ezaki Hikaru and Sakamoto Mashiro are from Japan, and Kang Yeseo, Dayeon, Kang Youngeun, Kim Chaehyun, and Choi Yujin are from South Korea. 


She is a professional Singer and also a main member of the Kep1er Kpop Group. Her real name is Choi Yu Jin who was born on 12, August 1996 in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea. The 25-years-old singer is the oldest member of the Kep1er of the group and also a CLC member of another South Korean Girl Kpop group. Since her birthday falls on the 12th of August 1996 her zodiac sign is Leo. 

Shen Xiaoting

Shen Xiaoting, the only Chinese member of the gang is a professional singer and one of the members of Kep1er member. Her real name is Shen Xiao Ting. Shen was born on 12, November 1999 in Shangai. She is a 21-years-old professional singer and is the only Chinese member of the group. As a November 12th born she comes under the Scorpio zodiac sign. 

Sakamoto Mashiro

Sakamoto is a 22-years-old professional singer and one of the Japanese members of the Kep1er group. She was born on 16, December 1999 and as of now, she is 21-years-old. Even though she belongs to a Japanese nationality she can speak fluent Korean. She is also a member of the GP99 group and belongs to the Sagittarius zodiac sign. 

Kim Chaehyun

Kim Chaehyun is also a member of the GP99 group and also the Kep1er group. She is a professional singer and her real name is Kim Chae Hyun. Kim Chaehyun hails from South Korea and was born on 26, April 2002. The Busan-born girl is 19-years-old and belongs to the Taurus sign. 

Kim Dayeon

The South Korean-born girl is also a professional singer from the group and a former member of the GP99 group. She was born on 2, March 2003 and is a Pieces sign girl. The 18-years-old hails from Seoul, South Korea. She has a huge fan base for her dimple alone. 

Ezaki Hikaru

Ezaki belongs to Japanese origin, is a member of both the Kep1er group and the GP99 group. The Japanese-born celebrates her birthday on 12, March 2004. She was born in Fukuoka, Japan. The 17-years-old girl can speak fluent Korean despite her Japanese nationality. She is mainly famous for her rapping and eating. 

Seo Youngeun

Youngeun is a professional singer from South Korea. She is one of the members of the Kep1er group and a former member of the GP 99 Group. Her real name is Seo Young Eun and was born on 27, December 2004. She is a 16-year-old. Being born on the 27th of December makes her a Capricorn. 

Huening Bahiyyih

Huening is also a well-known member of the Kep1er group and a former member of the GP99 group. She was born on 27, July 2004 and is 17-years-old. Her real name is Bhiyyih Jaeh Huening. Although she belongs to a South Korean hereditary she was born and brought up in the USA. She has a South Korean-American nationality. 

Kang Yeseo

Kang Yeseo is also a member of the Kep1er group and a former member of the GP99 group. Kang was born on 22, August 2005 and is the youngest member of the Kep1er group. She was born in Incheon, South Korea, and belongs to South Korean nationality. 

Kep1er Leader

As the oldest member of the Kep1er group, Yujin takes on the responsibility of being the leader of the group. The announcement of the leadership was done when the group went live on Youtube. Yujin will be the best candidate for the role of being a leader because she is the most experienced among the group. Sakamoto Mashiro will be sharing the responsibility of the leadership as co-leader. The group is managed by Swing Entertainment and WAKEONE Entertainment. The announcement ceremony was cute and unofficial and all the members had fun. 

Kep1er Fandom Name

On January 3, the project girl group Kep1er revealed its official fanbase name and colors. Kep1er fans will henceforth be referred to as “Kep1ians.” The name has sparked a debate on Twitter, with committed followers expressing their opinions. Fans may take some time to adjust to the new name, but the vast majority appear to despise it. Kep1er, a nine-member girl group formed through the survival show Girls Planet 999, debuted on 3 January 2022 with their title tune WA DA DA off the album FIRST IMPACT. The group’s management disclosed the official fandom name and colors ten minutes after the debut. 

When Did Kep1er Debut?

While the group is only contracted for two and a half times per show rules, the possibilities for Kep1er together — and beyond — are bottomless, given their early pledge not only in terms of numbers (their debut mini-anthology FIRST IMPACT has formerly broken deals records for girl group debuts with over duplicates sold worldwide) but also in terms of how they come together and lean on one another in their first overseas interview. Indeed as her eight subordinates agree that she’s “the cutest member of the group,” Kep1er leader Yujin has a fresh chipperness about her, despite nearly seven times in the sedulity as a K-faddish idol. It’s clear that she watches over the group with calm energy and thinks about the swish ways to incorporate all nine members. 

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