Kenyan sensation, Elsa Majimbo finds refuge in South Africa

Fast-rising social media comedian, Elsa Majimbo has said her home country, Kenya is no longer safe for her. The 19-year-old said this in an interview with YouTuber, Anas Bukhash. She explains on the show why she had no intentions to return to living in Kenya.

Majimbo said people in Kenya picked on her because of her skin colour. She explained that she felt safer living in South Africa. She said: “I have a bad relationship with Nairobi. People think it is just the internet but people have made it hard for me in Nairobi“.

It did feel like everyone in the city is against me. So most of the time I would stay in the house and mind my own business. Then I went to South Africa where I was supposed to stay for four days, I went and never looked back,” Majimbo explained.

Elsa Majimbo does not feel welcome in Kenya anymore

She said she would rather hop from country to country than settle back in Kenya. Majimbo added that she did not get support from her own people. However, she appreciates the love and supports she gets from South Africa. According to her, Kenyans said they don’t find her content funny.

My sister asked me where I would be going when l leave Dubai and I said I do not know, she told me to go back to Nairobi but after thinking about it, I said that was the worst option for me. I told my sister if I have nowhere else to go, I would rather go back to South Africa.”

Majimbo explained that she has found a home in South Africa and their support has really helped her career. She added that she is happy she has found a home in South Africa and Kenya was not a safe place. Majimbo quickly rose to fame after getting noticed by big names in America’s entertainment industry.

Stars like Beyonce, Naomi Campbell and Rihanna have openly shown support for Majimbo’s craft.

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