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Kenyan Ambassador On The Spot For Misrepresentation After Controversial Photo Surfaced Online






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Following his controversial pictures that appeared on the Internet allegedly hunting wild animals in the park Kenyan Ambassador to Namibia Benjamin Lang’at is currently under fire.

The photos of the Kenyan diplomat appeared on the social media yesterday Monday August 30, 2021 with a rifle on his right hand and holding the horn of a dead greater Kudu lying in its pool of blood with the left hand.

Following this new development, many Kenyans trooped online castigating the envoy for misrepresenting the motherland policies of hunting wild animals.

Kenyan policies banned the hunting of wildlife for sporting, recreation and trophy activities in 1977 after it led to a great reduction in the number of animals in the wild, contrary to Namibia that still allows it.

The Country has very strict anti-poaching laws aimed at discouraging illegal trading in ivory, elephant tusks, rhino horns, leopard, buffalo and lion hides and skins among other animal trophies banned by the law.

Led by environmentalist and conservationist Elizabeth Wathuti who castigated the ambassador for embarrassing the country despite being aware of the same.

“Even with the legal practice Namibia has on game hunting practice…for a Kenyan Ambassador Hon Benjamin Langat to participate, is an embarrassment to our motherland Kenya standing next to a killed Kudu,” Elizabeth Wathuti an environmentalist argued.

She continued that despite being legalized in Namibia, Lang’at represents Kenya and her policies and thus ought not to have involved himself in the same.

“We have an official position about wildlife conservancy in Kenya. Our ambassadors are supposed to be representing our national policies in the countries they are seconded to,” Kyrgitt Kalya said.

Emmanuel Kigen however defended the Ambassador stating that he should be having fun since life is all about having fun.

“There is no problem with Benjamin Langat killing an animal for fun! Life is for fun. Suppose the animal was hunted by a lion? If Namibia allows the same, he should have fun,” Emmanuel Kigen defended.

Namibia as a country allows for wild game hunting to the tune of approximately Sh700 per license.

The County also has stipulated  limitations regarding the number of huntable game animals per single hunter on a commercial farm which enclosed with an adequate fence during a hunting season as below.

A total of three (3) large game animals; or

A total of two (2) large game and four (4) small game

animals; or

A total of one (1) large game and eight (8) small game animals; or

A total of twelve (12) small game animals.

No person shall hunt more than one (1) kudu during the hunting season

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