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Kenya half-heartedly endorses Glasgow climate change pact – The Star, Kenya





• Kenya wanted the special needs and circumstances of Africa as most vulnerable to climate change to be admitted in the agenda, a move that was rejected.
• The country also wanted developed countries to deliver the Sh10.1 trillion per year to developing countries to address the impact of climate change.
The government has half-heartedly endorsed the Glasgow climate pact, saying it failed to deliver the desired results.
Environment CS Keriako Tobiko in his closing remarks on Saturday said his delegation went to the climate talks with high expectations.
“Whilst Glasgow has not delivered what Paris promised, the long wait is not yet over despite CoP26 not being the resounding success we had hoped for.
“Nevertheless, the Glasgow package represents a positive step in the fulfillment of the Paris promise. For this reason, and in the spirit of compromise, Kenya endorses the Glasgow climate pact,” Tobiko said.
During the conference, developed countries pledged to double their provision of adaptation finance for developing countries.
Tobiko however felt the move was a big letdown. “…..we would emphasise that trust is of utmost importance. As the saying goes “once bitten, twice shy.
“In respect of the failed delivery of the Sh10.1 trillion per year, developing countries have since 2009 been bitten not once; not twice; not thrice, but more than 10 times!” he said.
Tobiko said the trust has not only been broken but shattered. “A lot needs to be done, not by words, but by actions if the broken trust is to be restored.”
The 26th edition of the Conference of Parties took place in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12.
The CS said the powerful and reassuring statements from our leaders sat at odds with the positions taken by the developed countries during technical and ministerial negotiations.
He said developed countries that bear the greatest historical responsibility for the current emissions must urgently take deeper emission cuts this decade in order to close the mitigation gap.
Tobiko said there is need and urgency for mobilising climate change finance.
This, he says, means moving from billions to trillions- particularly from the public sector and in the form of grants and highly concessional loans, to keep the 1.5-degree goal within reach.
The CS said they went to Glasgow to provide support and solidarity for the drought-stricken people of Kenya, Africa and other parts of the world.
“We came to Glasgow to push for additional, adequate, predictable and sustainable financing for climate action; for mitigation adaptation and loss and damage.
“Other means of implementation include technology development and transfer and capacity building,” he said.
The CS said they went to negotiate a robust loss and damage support package for all in the Global South whose lives and livelihoods continue to be devastated by the impacts of global warming.
“We are disappointed that our humble request to have this important issue admitted to the agenda so that we could have a chance to make our case was once again dismissed because as the President put it “there is no consensus on this!”.
Kenya’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution increases mitigation commitment from 30 per cent in 2016 to 32 per cent by 2030.
NDCs embody efforts by each country to reduce national emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
The Paris Agreement requires each party to prepare, communicate and maintain successive NDCs that it intends to achieve.
Parties shall pursue domestic mitigation measures, with the aim of achieving the objectives of such contributions.
The NDC also commits to enhancing resilience in all sectors of the economy.
The implementation cost of the updated NDC mitigation and adaptation is estimated to cost Sh6.710 trillion between 2020 and 2030.
The sectors that the government intends to use to curb emissions include agriculture, energy, manufacturing, transport; waste and forestry.
(Edited by Bilha Makokha)
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