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Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Accused Him of Putting a Hit Out



The Kanye West and Kim Kardashian saga continues with Ye now claiming Kim accused him of putting a hit out on her.

Over the last several days, Kanye has been calling out Kim and the Kardashian clan for allegedly keeping him from seeing his kids. On Sunday (Feb. 6), the rap mogul claimed his estranged wife accused him of contracting someone to kill her. In an Instagram post, Kanye shared a screenshot of a text that reads, “Send me Kim’s number.” It is unclear who the text is addressed to. In the caption, Ye made some startling claims. “YESTERDAY KIM ACCUSED ME OF PUTTING A HIT OUT ON HER,” he started. “SO LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT I BEG TO GO TO MY DAUGHTERS PARTY AND IM ACCUSED OF BEING ON DRUGS THEN I GO PLAY WITH MY SON AND I TAKE MY AKIRA GRAPHIC NOVELS AND IM ACCUSED OF STEALING NOW IM BEING ACCUSED OF PUTTING A HIT ON HER THESE IDEAS CAN ACTUALLY GET SOMEONE LOCKED UP THEY PLAY LIKE THAT WITH BLACK MENS LIVES WEATHER ITS GETTING THEM FREE OR GETTING THEM LOCKED UP IM NOT PLAYING ABOUT MY BLACK CHILDREN ANYMORE.”

Kanye has been on a public mission to raise awareness about his current situation, after claiming he has not been allowed to see his children as much as he would like to while the former couple goes through a nasty divorce. In January, Kanye claimed Kim was withholding the location of their daughter Chicago’s birthday party so he could not attend. Kanye ended up attending the party thanks to Travis Scott but later called the incident a kidnapping.

Kim has since responded to publicly to Kanye’s accusations, calling them “constant attacks.” Yesterday (Feb. 5), Kanye accused Kim of not allowing the children to come visit him in Chicago for a basketball game at the Donda Academy.

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