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Kambua Introduces Look-alike Mother






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Kenyan Kamba-born artist Kambua Manundu popularly Kambua is arguably one of the outstanding and consistent Gospel musicians in the country right now.

Since making her debut decades ago via her song Amani, the mother of one has been able to produce a couple of spirit uplifting worship songs back to back.


She’s not only successful in music but also in local screens hosting citizens TV’s Rauka- Gospel show and also acting after taking a role in Marikiti women movie four years ago.

She’s well-natured and educated thanks to her late Dad Professor Manundu who passed away in 2014 leaving behind three children.

It will be fair to insinuate Kambua spiritual life has been well guarded by her lovely mom who is a preacher, Evangelist Lois Manundu who is a co-founder of Tabibu ministries.

Kambua loves her so much judging from her post which she just did this morning praising her while recognizing others who have passed a hard time with their mothers.


To her 1.2 million followers on Instagram, she wrote, ” This is mommy. She’s gorgeous and I love her deeply ♥.”

To others who have passed rough path with mothers she wrote. “I am however aware that some of us hare have not had good/ great relationships with our mothers. I listened to a friend of mine on @unmotheringthewoman share her journey and experience with toxic motherhood.

To some of us is physical abuse, or absentee mothers, others it’s navigating emotions like a minefield. Out mothers are powerful- they have the ability to make or break us. Have you experienced toxic motherhood? How did it affect you? How did you manage to move forward in healthy way?.

Kambua Mathu

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