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Kalonzo Claims OKA Intends To Accommodate Uhuru In Their Government After His Retirement






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President Uhuru Kenyatta still has a chance of being part of the government post the fast approaching 2022 general elections based on how he handles the latest offer that has been thrown his way.

While he has said that he doesn’t intend to cling onto power or prolong his stay at the helm, Uhuru has been appearing very keen on deciding who succeeds him and what happens when his term ends.

He has now been told that the has the chance of being a big man in the next government if he joins a team whose members have termed the next big thing; the One Kenya Alliance (OKA).


OKA co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka on Wednesday said that they are ready to accommodate the President and give him a chance to be part of the next government if he joins hands with them.

The Wiper leader, who spoke in Nakuru, pointed out that ODM leader Raila Odinga will also get a similar opportunity if he follows suit, adding that the plan is to include everybody in the next leadership.

“We want more people with whom we can build national consensus. Nobody should shy from joining us including Raila and the president in defining the country’s next government,” he is quoted by Standard.

He also hinted that these two leaders and others interested might not have to ditch their current parties but can join as alliance partners, stating that the OKA is looking at a possible mega coalition.

He spoke as he assured supporters of the alliance that it remains strong and it’s leaders united, amid earlier reports that things are falling apart as every of the four principals is eyeing the presidency.


“OKA is a solid and sacred coalition. We are in agreement to take important measures to ensure there is clarity on the leadership of OKA and possible grand coalition,” added the former Vice President.

His remarks come amid reports of pressure being exerted on the group by Uhuru to have the four principals ditch their 2022 plans and rally behind Raila’s candidature instead.

And while some like ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi have denied the existence of any such talks, at least two; Musalia and Kalonzo, have said that never again will they support Raila for the top seat.

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