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Kabi Wa Jesus Sarcastic Comment On Milly’s Post





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Milly wa Jesus posted a pic of herself on Instagram and I must admit, she looked beautiful. Fans couldn’t help but comment on how beautiful she looked, including her hubby, Kabi wa Jesus. Kabi wrote, Mimi naona tu Mt. Kenya, and you and I both know what that means so I’ll try not to get into details about that.

Below is the picture that Milly posted and some of the most hilarious reactions.

One day you will be extremely grateful to God that He gave you what you needed instead of what you wanted.


Comment with a ❤❤ If you have experienced such a moment in life where you thought what you wanted was everything until God showed you what you need?

Mimi naona tu Mt. Kenya 🙈🙈🙈😂

@kabiwajesus imagine iyo mlima ni yako

@kabiwajesus Hujamwambia poa 😂😂😂😂

Wow! Powerful encouragement. Amen amen

Milly You Are Still Stunning ,,, Pretty You ,,,Nakupenda Sanaa Mum T💕💕💕


What do you think about Kabi’s comment on  Milly’s post?

Kabi wa Jesus and Milly are never too shy to declare their love on social media. These two are content creators and what they started as a joke has turned out to be the most successful thing ever. Being influencers is actually paying most of their bills. It actually makes me consider my career path. Maybe I should just go ahead and start a youtube channel. I might start earning big like these two.

Both Milly wa Jesus and Kabi try to maintain a low profile, especially after the tea master Edgar Obare exposed Kabi of siring a child with one of his cousins. At first, Kabi denied the accusations but later came clean about the entire issue. He said the accusations were true, after the DNA results came out, and begged Kenyans for their forgiveness on the entire issue. Who are Kenyans, they forgave and today, no one really cares about the past. They gained the love from their fans, slowly by slowly.

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