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Jua Cali Linked To Otile Brown’s Frustration On YouTube






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Kenya’s music legend has been linked to the frustration singer Otile Brown is going through after his hit songs were deleted from YouTube.

Otile Brown has taken his social media pages to decry his frustrations questioning why his songs have been brought down on the video-sharing platform.

“Nyimbo zote umezichukua ukaziondoa, Chaguo La Moyo. What have I done to you bro, and have we done to you? I even don’t know you,” Otile said in a live chat with his fans.

It has now emerged that his songs and those of fellow musician Nadia Mukami were pulled down following a technical hitch with their video distribution agent.

The distribution agent, Ngomma VAS – a company reportedly co-owned by Jua Cali – is said experiences some technical issues that caused their client’s video to be deleted from YouTube.

A report by Pulse Live says that Ngomma informed that they are currently working on how to solve the problem and to get back the videos on YouTube.

Jua Cali. Photo: Instagram “The management added that their distributor is working on resolving the issue and once done the songs will be back on YouTube,” the publication said.

The YouTube blackout has seen Otile’s most-watched songs Chaguo La Moyo, Dusuma, Such Kinda Love, and Aiyana go missing.

Otile Brown Otile’s song Dusuma featuring Meddy had already garnered over 32 million views while Chaguo La Moyo had 28 million views on YouTube. On the other hand, Such Kinda Love had already garnered over 1o million within just three months of its release.

Overall, Otile has lost over 229 million views on YouTube since his songs were deleted from the platform.

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