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Joshua Garcia TikTok Debut Makes Filipino Actor Trending Viral First TikTok Video Account




Nowadays, almost everyone has come on social media to make their appearance, and because everyone knows that social media is such a platform, which does not take much time to take someone’s ground to the sky. Something similar recently happens with Joshua Garcia, who is still trending two days after joining the video streaming app Twitter. Yes, you heard right, he is remaining the subject of discussion among everyone especially those who have streamed his content, hence, a question is popping out that why he is still trending on social media after 2 days of making his appearance on Tiktok.

Joshua Garcia TikTok Debut Makes Filipino Actor Trending Viral First TikTok Video Account

According to the reports, Joshua Garcia is recently associated with some significant video streaming sites but he gained popularity when he posted his first video on Tiktok. As soon as his viral content caught the heat immense reaction came to the fore, which seems that something is hidden behind the video. A few netizens are addressing his video as the best step for him to gain popularity because almost everyone is sharing their videos on the app to make their name popular enough. But what is inside the video is still, the question for many users who did not stream his video yet.

Joshua Garcia TikTok Debut Trends Online

It is being reported, that Garcia opened his verified account on Monday along with a video which he shared on the app, approximately 1.2 million people have followed him as the video crossed more than 17 million views in just a small time period, where around 2.7 million likes have occurred on the video and around 79,000 comments. Even still, his viral content is hitting the headlines on social networking sites, everyone is looking forward to getting more pieces of vital information but hitherto no further details have arrived, which can give you the appropriate idea about his personal stuff.

If the sources are to be believed, so Joshua Garcia is remaining the hot potato on Twitter as well, as everyone is searching for him, to get some more details about him. Because whenever someone comes into the limelight it brings the curiosity of the people as well to figure out the entire matter behind the scene. So he was shared such pieces of details here, and if something will come again we will make you familiar for sure, so stay connected with us to know more, because yet a few reports are coming along with different claims.