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Jose Rosado Murder Case Ex-Shipping CEO Fatally Poisoned with Liquid Ecstasy, Killer Identity Revealed?




Jose Rosado, the former CEO of Spain’s biggest shipbuilding and yacht-making company, has died. Well, his death has not happened in natural circumstances as it is reported that the chief executive was poisoned with liquid ecstasy. Additionally, he was also robbed by two mysterious men who were invited by Rosado in his hotel room to get physical. Although the incident took place in October, it has become the subject of discussion now. Netizens are searching for Jose Rosado’s actual cause of death and want to know more about the whole incident.

Jose Rosado

Believing the reports, the 43-year-old Jose had gone on a vacation in Madrid and was staying at Westin Palace Hotel. Jose’s dead body was found in his hotel room. The incident came to light when Jose Rosado’s partner Nicholas Young got concerned for the former. He tried reaching him but couldn’t. Later, Jose’s 13-year-long partner Nicholas contacted the hotel staff and asked them to check-in.

Who Was  Jose Rosado?

As the tragic incident happened on October 29, the CCTV footage of that day was checked thoroughly to know what had happened to him that day that resulted in his death. According to the Daily Beast, Jose returned to his hotel room on the night of Oct 29 and was not alone as he was accompanied by two or three men. However, the footage can not be viewed as it has been submitted to the police authorities for investigation.

Although the video footage of that incident is not available yet, another footage of the authorities detaining the suspects has come to light. In the said video, it is shown that the authorities have removed the clothes of one of the killers while another shows that one of the two suspects is being taken to the station in handcuffs. Initially, it was believed that Jose Rosado died a natural death. However, it was later discovered that he was fatally poisoned and then robbed by two men.

The toxicology report also proved that alcohol and large amounts of psychotropic substances were found in his room. The two men who were accused of killing the CEO have been detained by the police in Madrid. The suspects are identified as a 39-year-old Romanian man who has been arrested almost nine times along with a Moroccan man, aged 29, being arrested 17 times for similar crimes. Born in New Jersey, Rosado was raised in Puerto Rico. He was the former CEO of the biggest shipbuilding and yacht-making company of Spain, Hijos de J. Barreras.