I’ve been unable to walk properly, thanks to the NDLEA — Baba Suwe

Popular Nigerian comic actor, Babatunde Omidina also known as Baba Suwe, has spoken about his 2011 encounter with officers of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

In an interview with Punch, Baba Suwe revealed he’s sick and unable to walk on his own.

He said, “I have not forgotten about my issue with the NDLEA and I will never forget because I am still bearing the pains and suffering from that encounter. I am still affected by the inflictions they meted on me at that time.

“As I speak with you, I cannot walk with both my legs. Just to visit the toilet in my room, I have to be carried there. Even using the toilet is a problem as well.

Omidina claims he was also injected by the agency’s officials. “When I was in the custody of the NDLEA, they searched me, injected me, asked me to go to the toilet, but they never found any cocaine inside my system. I defecated there and they did not see anything.

“Although I travel abroad for medical check-up, my body is still not okay at all. As I said, I cannot walk to my toilet at all without assistance. This development began about a week or two ago. Before then, I hardly walk properly and anyone who sees me would know that I have difficulty walking.” He also added.

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Baba Suwe went on to add that he has been able to get back to his career due to his health. He said, “I have not been able to continue my work as an actor partly because of what I am currently going through. I cannot start work because I am not strong enough.

What really happened?

Back in October 2011, the veteran thespian was arrested by the NDLEA at the airport. They claimed he was in possession of cocaine. After a thorough search, no illegal substances were found on him yet he was detained for three weeks.

A Lagos High Court judge called the detention of Baba Suwe a flagrant abuse and infringement of his rights. He also ordered damages of about Nto be paid to the comedian, and also told the NDLEA to publish a public apology in two national newspapers.

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