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Is ZRO Arrested or In Prison? Net Worth and Girlfriend Revealed




Rapper: Is ZRO Arrested or In Prison? Net Worth and Girlfriend Revealed: The arrest news of a rapper is now not a new thing to hear or read. Because every day some rapper remains in the news due to some controversy. The latest arrest news of Rapper Z-Ro is making the headlines of the newspaper. As per the reports, the rapper was apprehended on Thursday, 24th of February 2022. Z-Ro is an American professional rapper. “I Know” rapper Z-Ro is a stage name of the Huston, Texas-born Joseph Wayne McVey IV. The musical rapper began his career back in the year 1994, the 45-year-old artist is one of the few underrated rappers who are yet to discover success on a world scale. Follow More Update On

ZRO Arrested

Is ZRO Arrested?

Though he has been one of the most inspiring and influential rappers of the past decade in the United States Scene with many critically renowned albums. The rapper is again in the news and fans are keen to know that is he in jail, and what charges are made on him? Continue to read if you want to know the answer to these questions.

Rapper: Is ZRO Arrested And In Jail?

Rapper Z-Ro is apprehended for the 2nd time. On Thursday, 24th of February 2022 he was detained with the charges of possession of marijuana. He was lodged on the Fort Bend County Jail and was placed with the bail of $500. Back on the 26th of July, 2017, he was detained and charged with felony aggravated assault. His former girlfriend Just Brittany has alleged him of brandishing a gun while beating her for 2 hours.

The charges were later reduced to felony assault on a family member prior to finally being dropped by a grand jury on the 10th of October. On 11th October watched the Harris County district lawyer lodged the misdemeanor charges for the same accusation against Z-Ro. The musical rapper vocalized on the media stating that this former girlfriend made an allegation just in order to get some publicity as she was ready to come upon a reality Television show shortly.

Rapper Z-Ro Girlfriend In The Year 2022

Rapper Z-Ro does not have a girlfriend. Earlier he was in a loving relationship with the rapper Brittany Bullock alias Just Brittany. Their relationship was disclosed to be a violent one with Z-Ro being apprehended and charged for assault. Speaking about the incident, Brittany had asserted the assault had made her vomit which forced her to go to the restroom and record a 20-minute long audio clip.

At present, “I m OK” rappers look to be doing fine sans a girlfriend. He has not disclosed to be in a relationship with anyone after splitting with Just Brittany. The net worth of Rapper Z-Ro is around $3 million.