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Is This Lillian Muli’s New Man?






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It is said that a sweet friendship refreshes the soul, and if the quote is true then celebrated Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli and blogger Captain Vinieo must be relishing in it.

The duo has in fact been close for some time now and if you are their followers on their Instagram accounts, then you must have noticed how they flaunt their love for one other by referring to each other as best friends forever (BFF).

The hunk and the beauty queen have even never shied away from parading how they hang out or attend different events together.

This also happened recently after Lillian Muli and Captain Vinieo took to their insta stories to post short video clips depicting how they went on a date together on Wednesday night.

From the post it was clear that they were at an anonymous entertainment joint.


However what was clear is that the hunk even gave the beauty queen a kiss on the cheek at some point, and she loved it as shown below.

The sassy Citizen TV news anchor even heaped praises on her bff for making her laugh when they are together, and also appreciated him for being reliable.

Lillian Muli

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