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Is Saga Love-Starved? Guests on Toke Makinwa’s The Buzz show seem to think so #BBNaija



As the sixth season of Big Brother Naija kicked off, fans got introduced to a new show, The Buzz with Toke Makinwa.

The Buzz is a showmax exclusive, where host Toke Makinwa is joined by other celebrities as they discuss all that happens in the Big Brother Naija house during the week.

To discuss the last week, Nollywood actress Lilian Afegbai, Social media influencer Pamilerin Adegoke, and multimedia personality Stephanie Coker-Aderinokun joined Makinwa. They discussed all the big stories from week 8 in Big Brother’s house.

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Lilian was Toke’s first guest on the show. According to her, her favorite part of the past week was watching the housemates mimic each other. Adding that Pere’s imitation of Angel was perhaps the most hilarious of them all. 

Of course, they had to discuss the relationship between Saga and Nini. The actress thinks Saga has finally accepted his place in Nini’s life. She also thinks Nini likes him but just not enough to be a boyfriend.

Pamilerin was the next guest to join the fun. He joined Lilian and Toke as they discussed the relationships in the house. You can’t discuss relationships in this season’s Big Brother’s house without talking about EmmaRose.

Watch Toke Makinwa review the past week on The Buzz.

All three of them spoke about how well Liquorose handled her secret task from Big Brother. Adding that it showed she had her eyes on the prize and was focused, unlike someone else (Saga, we’re looking at you).

Stephanie finally joins the rest of the guests to discuss all the fights that happened over the last week. They discuss the fight between Nini and Cross with Stephanie noting that Nini went overboard with some of the things she said to Cross. Saying some ‘below the belt’ things to Cross. Toke also added that Cross breaking down after the altercation was just proof that he’s genuine, human and emotional.

They also talked about Saga, as they all agreed that his ‘gum body’ with Nini may be an abandonment issue, or maybe he’s just love-starved.

At the end of the episode of The Buzz, Toke asked her guests who their MVP of the week was. Stephanie and Pamilerin both chose Liquorose because of how well she handled Biggie’s secret task. Lilian also said she leaned towards Liquorose, but instead she was going with Pere. Her reason was she loved the way he executed the imitation task and his version of how Angel acts. Toke’s MVP was Cross, according to her, his fight with Nini was an actual test of his character. 

The Buzz is exclusive to Showmax and airs on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

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