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Is Rapper Jehza Dead or Alive? What Happened To Him? Rapper Jehza Cause Death Wife, Family



Popular growing rapper Jehza who is also known as Jethzaniel Rosado Brito passed away at the age of 32. According to the sources, the rapper died on Monday, December 20, 2021. The sudden death of the rapper is creating a big controversy on social media and his fans couldn’t believe that their favorite and loving rapper Jehza is no more alive.

Rapper Jehza

It is hard to believe that Jehza passed away too soon. His fans are pouring on social media and expressing their condolence over the sudden death of the rapper. Jehza was one of the most renowned artists. He was quite popular among his listeners who love to listen to him.

Is Rapper Jehza Dead or Alive?

The sudden death of the actor made everyone cry after the news of his passing went viral on social media. At the first, fans got this a rumor but later, it was confirmed by several websites. Currently, several followers of the artist and crew members are sharing their sorrow on social media by posting his pictures on Twitter.

He was one of the deserving names in the rap industry as his recent songs were growing in the market and receiving huge love from the fans.

How Did Jehza Die? Murder or Suicide

Now, it has become a big controversy on social media how did he die? Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact cause of his death but there are lots of rumors circulating on social media revealing the death of a 32-years-old rapper. We can just say that he is one of the most popular and growing rapper of the industry who just gained a huge fan following because of his talent.

According to the sources, Jehza passed away last night near his home in Carolina’s Jardines de Country Club development. On December 20, 2021 at around 08:56 PM, Jehza was shot and killed on the spot. While the other person at the spot was injured. We express our condolence on his death and hope that the murderer will be arrested as soon as possible.

As per the social media sources, he was a member of the Los G4 Lable which was collaborated with White Lion records. The latest single of the rapper was “La Mitad de Los Chavos”. He has also worked with De La Ghetto’s “Los Chulitos” album as well.

On the other side, the marital status of the rapper has not been revealed but his whole family is suffering from a difficult time. May God give them strength to face this situation. RIP Jehza.

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