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Is Punkie Johnson Pregnant? American Comedian’s Pregnancy Rumours Explained!




Currently, Punkie Johnson is in the headlines. Yes, the renowned American comedian is in news for being pregnant. Various searches such as “is Punkie Johnson pregnant?’ have flooded the internet. Everyone is aware of the fact that Punkie is lesbian and is married to her accomplice. Now, her fans and the netizens are curious to know if her pregnancy rumours surfacing the internet holds any truth. Some sections of people are claiming that these are just rumours while others believe that Punkie is actually pregnant. Let’s find out what even is the truth in this article.

Is Punkie Johnson Pregnant? American Comedian's Pregnancy Rumours Explained!

So many rumours regarding Punkie Johnson’s pregnancy have taken over the internet. The American comedian has become the topic of discussion nowadays as everyone wants to know if she is actually pregnant or not. Well, as of now, no official confirmation has been made about the ongoing rumours from the comedian’s side. Besides, her close ones have also not spoken up on the matter. It would be inappropriate to confirm anything until Punkie herself comes online and speaks about it.

Is Punkie Johnson Pregnant?

Although there might not be any confirmation at this moment, it can be said that the comedian won’t keep this exciting news to herself and will definitely share it with her well-wishers. The 36-year-old actress is identified as a lesbian or gay. She has not feared coming out in public and talking about her identity and sexuality. The comedian had announced dating women in her life and how she is happily married to her accomplice now.

Born on April 29, 1985, Punkie’s real name is Jessica Williams. However, she is popularly known as Punkie Johnson only. Apart from being a comedian, she is also a writer and actress. In the forty-sixth season of Saturday Night Live, she became a featured player. Punkie’s started her career as a stand-up comedian. She went ahead and joined “The Comedy Store” in Los Angeles where she got regularly paid. The comedian performed at Just for Laughs, a comedy festival which is held every July in Canada, in 2019.

Besides, on Saturday Night Live, she became the 8th black female cast member while the 7th LGBT cast member to feature on the show. Johnson has always been open about her sexuality and has announced her being lesbian. She is in a relationship with her other half since 2002 and is happily married as well. Since there is no official confirmation about Punkie Johnson being pregnant, we will be updating this section.