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Is Memphis Rapper Straight Drop Arrested For Young Dolph Murder? Explained




Is Memphis Rapper Straight Drop Arrested For Young Dolph Murder? Explained: There was a horrifying video which got released revealed and it is showing the moments which unfolded after Young Dolph got fatally shot to his death at a Memphis cookie shop, the rapper Young Dolph whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr who has been shot dead at Makeda’s cookies in Memphis in Tennessee. Follow More Update On

Straight Drop Arrested

Is Memphis Rapper Straight Drop Arrested For Young Dolph Murder?

The video was released recently, it has been a month, the video received a lot of attention as everyone was shocked after seeing the video when it came out in the eyes of the public, the whole scenario was scary and the fans were in total shock.

The footage has been obtained by The Sun which appears to show young Dolph’s arm which was hanging out from one of the store’s broken windows, the source seems to remain anonymous and has first shared the footage which is 44 seconds long on Twitter, the video was taken just moments before the rapper’s body which was removed from the scene.

The video was originally recorded through Facebook Live, the video has gathered more than 60,000 views on Twitter by Wednesday in the evening, the person who is behind the camera is saying as the video zooms in slightly in order to show the arm, he stated at the time that Dolph is dead.

Is Memphis Rapper Arrested?

The Memphis rapper Straight Drop is rumored to be arrested for a Young Dolph murder case, on Wednesday dating to 17th November, Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot dead in Memphis, the next day, FOX13 obtained images of the suspected shooters, two men who stood outside the Makeda’s and they opened fire.

The investigation seems to be going on and the police have not officially revealed the name of the suspect as of yet.

Authorities Involvement

The authorities were seen urging the onlookers to back up from the scene, the camera zooms in and his arm seems to be hanging out the window only to show that it had been moved by the authorities, the anonymous witness has stated to the media that there were approximately 50 gunshots at the shell gas station which is across the street.

By 4:30 pm, both of the local workers said that Airway Boulevard was blocked off in all directions, they shut down everything, Airway got closed at the time and the side streets got barricaded immediately, there were about 1000 people who were trying to see as to what is going on.